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iFetch is the leading Smart Agriculture Management Software that Boosts Efficiency Farming in the operations of at least 80 percent of most African Businesses.

Over the years, much progress has been made in agriculture to manage the collection of raw farm produce and improve food security and nutrition. Significant gains in productivity and technological advances have contributed to more efficient use of resources and improved Agribusiness.

The world’s population is estimated to grow to almost 10 billion by 2050, boosting demand by around 50% compared to 2013. On the other hand, low- and middle-income countries are witnessing income and economic growth that would influence a dietary transition to higher consumption of tea, fruits, vegetables, and meat over cereals.

These factors will provide major opportunities for agribusinesses to accelerate their 3Ps i.e., productivity, predictability, and profitability. However, major concerns and challenges persist and iFetch is here to address all of them.

Next-gen Farm Management Software

iFetch is revolutionizing Agriculture through smart innovations.

Working with iFetch is definitely the best ever experience. iFetch team has an absolute ‘can do’ attitude which led us to achieve our objective of bringing the entire ‘Farm to pocket’ business operations on a single digital platform.

We are particularly impressed with the post implementation technical support provided by them at the peak of tea production in Kenya.

iFetch Features to Fuel Your Business Growth

  1. ERP Engine – Get iFetch powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) tailored software to efficiently optimize and manage every aspect of your agribusiness.
  2. Payments Ready – Our payments ready platform ensures secure and seamless transactions for your agribusiness with reduced risks of failures.
  3. Integration Capabilities – Integrate with a Bluetooth enabled electronic weighing scale & a Bluetooth enabled weighbridge indicator to capture weights for farm produce. iFetch primarily allows the seamless integration of hardware devices and farm management software into the farms that help optimize various farm procedures and functions. With excellent integration capabilities, iFetch assists you in every aspect of your agriculture business for seamless operations and management. Along with enabling integration with Bluetooth supported hardware devices iFetch also encourages integration with legacy software systems such as Sage to deliver maximum benefits to agribusinesses.
  1. Internet of Things – Get critical insights into farm conditions, operations and make well-informed decisions with iFetch Internet of Agriculture Things (IoAT) expertise.
  2. Analytics – iFetch provides customized reports and dashboards to power your agribusiness decisions with data-based insights. iFetch analytics increases farmers’ access to the right information and procedures to make reliable yield predictions and cut down unnecessary expenses. It also empowers agribusinesses to refine their procedures regularly to ensure that their yield outcomes are of the highest quality standards.

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Why Should You Choose SoftNet iFetch Farm Management Enhancer?

When we look at Tea business in Kenya and the ongoing economic and climatic conditions coupled with how businesses are trying to pivot in agriculture, you’ll certainly realize that all these is taking a toll on agricultural firms and farmers.

To position yourself and overcome these challenges with the associated chronic stress that mostly impacts decision-making, most agribusiness are making effort to gain knowledge, collect information, and begin applying iFetch system technology.

Manual tasks are always time-consuming and lack of precision in prediction adds to the problems. iFetch features, on the other hand, uses factual data and operational efficiency of previous seasons to improve the primary 3Ps and succeed in today’s challenging environment.

It further helps farmers make sound business decisions based on current and future economic challenges and take competitive advantages during crisis, for example, the COVID-19 pandemic.

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