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SoftNet iFetch System

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Identify employees, farmers, store information of the values collected, and money owed.

The SoftNet iFetch system is an application for managing the collection of raw farm produce collected from suppliers and employees. The app integrates with a bluetooth enabled electronic weighing scale & a bluetooth enabled weighbridge
indicator to capture weights for farm produce. The app also manages the input of tasks performed in the farms & factories.

The iFetch application is used to manage collections of farm produce purchased from suppliers and to monitor employee activities in farms and factories. The app does this through a smartphone or a PDA and a Bluetooth enabled digital scale. iFetch may be used in the agricultural sector in collection of Tea, Tobacco, Milk, Macadamia, Coffee or any other product that can be weighed or counted.

The aim is to simplify the collection of the weighed data with an electronic bluetooth enabled scale and automatically transmit data in real-time to the server and post to the ERP system. The application also has a Backend on the server where all the data is received and consolidated. The iFetch web enabled backend gives real-time dashboards and reports. The backend also sends the information to the payroll modules (For employee payments) and Accounts payable module (For supplier payments).

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