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Sage X3 ERP For Tea Farming in Africa – 2023

Sage X3 comfortably addresses the varying needs of your Tea farming business. With Sage X3, your agribusiness management will be able to cope with many diverse requirements required in the...
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Essentials of Today’s Farm Operations Management in Africa 2023

There is an increased dependency on technology out there that farmers need to have a copy and not all farm management software investment is created equal. Whether your farm operations...

iFetch Smart Farm Management Software – Africa’s New Age Agribusinesses Agriculture

iFetch is the leading Smart Agriculture Management Software that Boosts Efficiency Farming in the operations of at least 80 percent of most African Businesses. Over the years, much progress has...
Farm Management Systems

How Farmers are Benefiting from SoftNet iFetch system in Kenya in 2023

Farmers in Kenya for a long time, have had a challenge in managing their logistics and regular operations. However, with the introduction of SoftNet iFetch system, digitizing their operations has...
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3 Golden Reasons Why Sage X3 is the Most Preferred Software in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in Kenya is a fast-paced one. This has increased the need for tools and resources to keep products accounted for and production on schedule.As an entrepreneur in...
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Deep dive into SoftNet’s iFetch System and Explore How it Shapes the Agribusiness Future

Effective inventory management is critical to the success of any agribusiness. With the rise of e-commerce and online marketplaces, the demand for fast and efficient inventory management has never been...