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How Farmers are Benefiting from SoftNet iFetch system in Kenya in 2023

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Farmers in Kenya for a long time, have had a challenge in managing their logistics and regular operations.

However, with the introduction of SoftNet iFetch system, digitizing their operations has greatly facilitated the expansion of their future businesses.

With this unique farm management software, farmers are now able to streamline their operations while ensuring a high standard of quality for every product they produce.

In this article, we are going to understand what SoftNet iFetch system is as a farm management software and some of the key benefits you’ll get as farmer in Kenya after implementing it.

Feeling excited? Let’s learn.

What is SoftNet iFetch system? 

The SoftNet iFetch system is an application for managing the collection of raw farm produce collected from suppliers and employees.

The app integrates with a Bluetooth enabled electronic weighing scale & a Bluetooth enabled weighbridge indicator to capture weights for farm produce. The app also manages the input of tasks performed in the farms & factories.

This farm management software is one of a kind in Kenya such that it can automatically transmit data in real-time to the server and post to the ERP system.

Many farmers in Kenya are using this software in a standalone way or complementing their pre-existing software through integrations and automation.

As one of the best-in-class softwares to farmers Softnet iFetch system cannot be supplemented by any additional manual processes, programs materials for your farm’s overall functionality.

Exciting to relate right? These are not the benefits yet, let’s dig deep to see how you as an agribusiness entrepreneur will benefit from this software.

Benefits of using Softnet iFetch System in 2023

It’s always a checkmate for greater growth and more standardization when you choose to implement Softnet iFetch system in your farm operational structures.

There are many other advantages to using this farm management software via an ERP solution, which we have outlined below:

  1. Standardization and Enhanced Risk Management 

Softnet iFetch System will help you have a greater oversight and control of your end product than you could normally assume with more traditional and manual methods.

With the right ERP solution, this farm management software will offer you the ability to create new, standardized processes and create the highest quality of product possible. It also empowers you to reach new levels of transparency with your consumer base, giving you key data points and assurance to properly risk manage your product and processes.

  1. Tracking Operational Efficiency is Enhanced 

Softnet iFetch System framework can be used to manage collections of farm produce purchased from suppliers and to monitor employee activities in farms and factories.

This does not only end there as it can also offer you direct insights and tracking capabilities of your agribusiness, which is ideal for mid to large-size farms that may be working with multiple crop rotations at a time.

With the blessings that or country/region has in terms of agriculture; iFetch may be used in the several sectors such as Tea, Tobacco, Milk, Macadamia, Coffee or any other product that can be weighed or counted.

With these large-scale operations and a lot of data or information collected in a single place, it becomes more comprehensive and accurate with reporting capabilities than other traditional tracking methods.

  1. iFetch is a Cloud-based Technology Solution

Businesses are moving to cloud, and you ought not to be left behind. Your agribusiness will pace at the speed of light when you incorporate this software into your operations.

iFetch software offers you reliable insights and accurate data at any time that you need it. Our team will work closely with you from time to time by offering performance-enhancing updates, quicker bug fixes, and an overall seamless experience alongside your other tools.

  1. iFetch offers Traceability and Transparency Capabilities 

iFetch is one-of-a-kind software solution, apart from being an easy-to-use farm management software, it also offers user-friendly traceability systems that you can trust to accurately track your product from farm to table.

Many entrepreneurs have had a challenge of recalling an event or a complaint while working with manual processes or traditional methods of data recording.

iFetch software offers you reliable and immediate insights anytime, that come in seconds for you to take any next actions that you need. This becomes ideal for you as an entrepreneur who focuses more on quality assurance as all data and information get housed in iFetch cloud system for easy reference and protection.

In Conclusion

If you’re or will be looking for a software solution that you can trust when it comes to your farm management needs in Kenya, look no further than Softnet iFetch System.

iFetch is trusted in Kenya and the East African region by the food manufacturing and distribution industry for many years now, our team has the core industry expertise that you need to have a fully tailored and comprehensive solution to support the needs of your growing farm.

For more information and to book a call +254 (0) 111 035 318, email [email protected] and visit our website at

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