iFetch System

Service Overview

The iFetch system is a cutting-edge application designed to streamline the management of raw farm produce collections from suppliers and employees. Our app seamlessly integrates with Bluetooth-enabled electronic weighing scales and weighbridges, providing an efficient solution for capturing weights of farm produce. Additionally, iFetch facilitates the input and management of tasks performed in farms and factories, enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy. iFetch is a versatile application utilized for managing farm produce collections from suppliers and monitoring employee activities across agricultural sectors such as Tea, Tobacco, Milk, Macadamia, Coffee, and more. Utilizing smartphones or PDAs along with Bluetooth-enabled digital scales, iFetch simplifies the collection of weighed data and automates the real-time transmission of data to servers and ERP systems. Our goal is to simplify data collection processes by leveraging electronic Bluetooth-enabled scales, enabling automatic data transmission to servers and seamless integration with ERP systems. The iFetch application features a robust backend on the server that consolidates all received data. This web-enabled backend provides real-time dashboards and reports, empowering businesses with actionable insights. Moreover, the backend seamlessly integrates with payroll modules for employee payments and accounts payable modules for supplier payments, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing farm produce collections and employee activities

Frequently Asked Questions