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3 Golden Reasons Why Sage X3 is the Most Preferred Software in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

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The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in Kenya is a fast-paced one. This has increased the need for tools and resources to keep products accounted for and production on schedule.As an entrepreneur in Kenya and Africa with the main focus in achieving success in your pharmaceutical business using the right software, then Sage X3 would be the right solution for you.

Sage X3 Kenya is customized to help your pharmaceutical manufacturing business easily track and manage ingredients, results of trials, vendors, expenses, and revenues. This helps you shelve stress and keep your pharmaceutical business on track for success.According to the EAC Regional Pharmaceutical Plan of Action 2017–2027, Kenyan manufacturers currently hold 30 percent of the $1 billion Kenyan pharmaceutical industry. There is therefore an opportunity for more investors to take up manufacturing and make this happen at large.

While the gap continues to get bigger, as entrepreneur, the chances of achieving success are also getting bigger since pharmaceutical products demand in Kenya is still in the rise, too, partly due to the need for medications for aging members of the population and the recent emergencies of Covid-19 among other cases. These massive amounts of growth across the industry have created a strong need to organize business processes.

From managing production lines to testing and results, interacting with your vendors and financials is a truly a tiresome job. Sage X3 ERP for pharmaceuticals can store and process information that will streamline your processes and ensure compliance with regulations in any country of your operations depending on how big your pharmaceutical business is.

In this blog we are going to dive deep into Sage X3 and see how well your business processes can be improved in the long run.

3 Golden Reasons Why Sage X3 Can Help Your Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Business

  1. It Integrates Multiple Business Functions into One System

If you are still into manual or paper processes, then you are wasting your most valuable time. Time is the most essential part of success for any business, and in this fast-paced world manual/paper processes or even spreadsheets isn’t feasible.

Sage X3 able customizations can easily integrate all your manual processes into a single yet robust database. Some of these functions that you can enjoy from this software include inventory and materials management, accounting and finance, scheduling, production, sales, operations, and human resources.

  1. It Minimizes Operating Expenses

As we have mentioned before manual processes will always take time and sometimes if not, always it takes a large number of hands to complete one task. This is costly when it comes to maintaining your human resource and the ever-fluctuating African economy.

It’s counterintuitive to say that an all-in-one Sage X3 ERP can help your pharmaceutical manufacturing business in Kenya and Africa reduce its operating expenses. From having many hands to work for you and at times you have to deal with lots and lots of errors, you can easily input and store your data in Sage X3 and there your business will have reduced its operations and administrative costs.

When you solve the operations side, it would be easy for you to now focus on making informed decisions about your business and more efficiently while taking advantage of fewer delays and disruptions.

  1. It is Customizable and Flexible for all Your Business Needs

One of the most significant advantages of a customized software is that it can be adapted and changed as your business grows. Many pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses tend to outgrow their off-the-shelf software, and they lack flexibility as their features are pre-determined by the development company.

Sage X3 is not only a one-size-fits-all system, but rather is customizable and flexible to meet all the needs of your business. This system can help you track critical data, such as formulas for drugs and products, manage the steps involved in quality control testing, and maintain compliance with mandates set by regulatory agencies in the country and the region.


As you continue to compare different software solutions as the ultimate change from manual works and processes such as spreadsheets which are costly and time consuming for your business, you also need to take a closer look on Softnet Business Systems Sage X3 solution.

This solution can help you in executing the many tasks within your niche including those associated with producing pharmaceuticals, including formula management, weight calculations, potency management, and advanced order fulfillment.

Do you want to learn more about Sage X3 and how it can elevate your Pharmaceutical Manufacturing business in Kenya and Africa?

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